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Shifting to Low Carbon and Renewable Sources

Consultancy Services for the Global Energy Industry

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What We Offer


Expert guidance on low carbon and renewable energy


Tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of your business


Access to the latest research and industry insights

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Green hydrogen is a key requirement for producing feedstocks for industry from solid waste, biomass, or waste gas.

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About A&I Associates

We help clients across the global energy industry to shift to low carbon and renewable sources while meeting increasing global demand.

At A&I Associates, we are passionate about sustainability and we believe that businesses can play a critical role in creating a better future for our planet. Through our consultancy services, we help our clients to navigate the complex landscape of low carbon and renewable energy, and to make strategic investments that will ensure long-term success and profitability.

How we work towards circular products and services


Circular product and system design

Carbon footprint analysis.


Circular procurement strategies


Circular product and system design


Strategic Opportunities

A&I Associates provides energy consulting and advisory services to commercial, industrial and institutional consumers of energy as well as energy providers and other organizations involved in the energy industry.

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